Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Pre-Fitbloggin Post.

June 25-28, Denver, CO
For new DubyaWife readers this post will seem confusing and weird.
This is not the blog post you're looking for, move along.

For the rest of you, you'll love this one. Lemme splain...

What is Fitbloggin?
Fitbloggin is an annual fitness blogger conference (since 2010) that was started by Roni Noone. Each year it educates fitness bloggers on health and wellness, blogging tips and tricks, and is generally just a fun conference to go to. It's been in Baltimore, Portland, Savannah, and this year (end of June 2015) in Denver. If you haven't bought tickets yet, go here now. It will be the best money you've ever spent.

If you're a n00b, read/watch these first. 

"It's intimidating, cause you're one of the popular ones."
That's a quote (paraphrased) from a fellow Fitbloggin attendee and friend. Da faq?
On being popular: When it was said I looked over my shoulder to see if Carla Birnberg or Lisa Johnson were behind me. I've never, I repeat, never have considered myself a popular blogger. Or even popular at Fitbloggin.  If the statement is true then the popularity only has to do with my familiarity. and being obnoxious I've gone 4-5 years in a row and thus I know the ropes. That's not popularity, that's just being old. 
On intimidation: This is going to sound harsh, but the feeling of intimidation has to do with fear. Being in an unfamiliar place, new people, new experiences - that can all be very scary. Problem with that is it leads us to a "fight or flight" response and we all usually choose flight. That doesn't work at Fitbloggin. Fight that fear. I've heard this song before: "Fitbloggin can be cliquish" and maybe that's true for some of the asshats attendees, but if you find yourself thinking that about everyone you may be your problem. #toughlove
What to expect. 
Expect people to know each other. Expect people to to squeal and hug and gravitate towards those that they know. Expect to sweat and look nasty at the workouts all the time. Expect food. Expect swag. Expect to learn. Expect people to talk about wycwyc. Expect to cry, multiple times. Expect fat people. Expect skinny people. Expect black, white, polka-dotted and ginger people. Expect someone to be faster, more muscular than you. Expect someone to be slower, and less muscular than you. Expect real people. Expect to make meaningful connections with real people.

Why I go. 

To put it simply... I'm just like every other woman out there trying to be healthy and struggling with weight loss and ultimately, self-esteem.  I just happen to have group of online friends who relate and support me in these efforts. They are my squad. They help me. Exercise, blogging, and meeting like-minded people. Fitbloggin encompasses all those facets.  Once a year I get to see my friends IRL (even though we talk almost every day via social media). These are relationships that have developed over a number of years. In order to stay sane in life, you’ve got to find other things or people in your life that bring you value. Fitbloggin adds value to my life.

The truth. 
It never fails that each year I go to Fitbloggin it's with 50% excitement, 50% dread. 10% gas. I always feel like I'm not skinny healthy enough. I have anxiety that I will not remember names, forget faces, and make someone feel "less than" because I didn't do a good enough job of being friendly. I feel intimidated by the other strong women and always doubt my abilities at each Fitbloggin workout. There's a lot of "I" statements going on here.

A request.
Reality is... while at Fitbloggin I'm always shocked and overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support. All that anxiety, self-doubt... goes away the moment I hear "DubyaWife!" So if you're reading this, and you're going to Denver in June. Please please please, find me, grab my attention, remove the bacon from my mouth, and let's talk. Let's hug. Let's cry. Let's get to know each other. Be part of my squad. I need more squad in my life. oops, I mean squats... sorry, I need squats... I need more squats in my life. 

p.s. Dubya is coming with me. this will. be. epic.


  1. awwwh, thanks for the shout out ... I never thought of myself as a popular blogger either ... I just do my thing. :-) Sadly, I'm not going this year ... but hopefully next year!

    1. Aw, you'll be missed, Ms. 24K Twitter followers. ;-P

  2. I already miss you. Hard. I'll be eating more bacon that weekend.

  3. I had an awesome time at FB Savannah crying in my room cause i didn't feel the "enoughs" either.

    1. Hopefully not alone... Cause group cries are the best.