Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fitbloggin 2015: Denver - Photo Dump

Waiting at the airport with Dubya

Jack Swigert statue (Apollo 13)

My Roots to Grow! (Dacia)

Burger at Rock Bottom Brewery

Awesome swag from Momentum Jewelry

Met Jennifer - a kindred spirit! 

My favorite Coloradans! 

Enjoying drinks at The Great Divide

Creepy Terry

Sad Thea

"Did I just say fuck?"

Small arm Dubya

"Don't take my picture!"


All the Fitbloggin Bacon!

Concerned Emmie! 

Concerned Heather! 

Concerned Brooke!

Concerned Dacia!

Concerned Christie!

Fitbloggin Rainbow!

Me & Diana (this girl gots moves!)

Nellie Zumba'd us hard! 

Me & Trouble (Deanna)

And now our real faces

Me & Paola (a sweaty mess!)

Elena! My fav vendor! 

Oh Carla!

Yes, Katy and her daughter are just as cute in person. 


What up Kelly! 

My attempt at aerial shot...

Tracy, Heather, Margo, Jen, and Robbie

Chili night!

Heather is in the zen zone!

So much strength and poise!

Burger from Hopdoddy. 

Scavenger Hunt Team #hashtagbacon bribed me with whiskey - good choice. 

Went to Cirque Du Soleil Kurios with Dubya and Sarah

selfie attempts

Steampunk set is Steampunk

"Hey let's take a resting bitch face photo" *fail*

My fav CAH card. 




How many selfies did we take?!!

Walked the 5K with Thea and others... a Mile High!

Fitbloggin Love

The many faces of Thea

We're all very concerned. 

Love Wins! 


  1. What great memories!! I hope to be a part of it all next year.

  2. I miss you. But I may miss Hopdoddy more. No offense.