Friday, June 19, 2015

The Inferior Human Race

Humans are excellent difference engines.
From birth to death we're working things out.
Drop the fork from the high chair, gravity makes it fall.
Don't brush my teeth, get cavities.
Talk back to my parents, get in trouble.
Don't pay taxes, get it up the ass from the IRS.

But it's not that simple.
Life isn't black and white.
Neither are people.

I'm writing this post today in the wake of the tragedy that happened in Charleston.

All of life's learning lessons seem minuscule compared to the atrocities that occurred and continue to happen on a daily basis in the black community. A succession of blatant racist actions have been occurring to African-Americans since they were stolen from their homeland and put on US soil.

Police brutality.
Unfair treatment.
Now this.

I didn't do these things.
(Chances are) You didn't do these things.
We individually are not at fault.

1) This man murdered because he is racist. 

When tragedy strikes the human race the first place we go to is blame. Once again our "difference engine" kicks in.
Actions = Results. So who did the action? Who's to blame?

Gun laws are at fault.
Mental illness is at fault.
The murderer's parents are at fault.

We, as a society, are at fault.
Humans are at fault.
Each and every one of us.
White community.
Black community.
Humanity is to blame.
Racism is what creates this hate.

2) Systemic racism plagues the black community. 

We allow passive racism to occur every day.
... Our justice system to continues to incarcerate blacks six times more than whites.
... Our black community is the highest poverty ethnicity of all.
... Our black children are in inferior schools with inexperienced teachers.

Our system is racist.
A race of human beings are living in poverty, receiving inferior education, and we blame them for violating laws and going to jail. It's a self-perpetuating cycle of oppression, that leads to rebellion, that leads to oppression.

A white man murdered 9 people while they peacefully prayed at a church.
Because he was racist.
Because he thought they were inferior humans. 
And that's how we treat them. As inferior. 

3) His racism comes from our system. 

You want to blame someone? Blame yourself.
Blame the "But I'm not racist" statement we tell ourselves.
Blame the "If they just worked harder" statement we say about those on welfare.
Blame the privileged blinders we wear to prevent us from being scared by what we do to our own human kind. 

It's tough to say any one of us is at fault, but through the institutional disenfranchisement of an entire culture, we are all at fault for its perpetuation.

Blacks are not equal in our society, because they don't have the same opportunities to be equal
Speak out for equal rights. 
Demand better schools. 
Encourage better social services.
Fight for a better justice system. 

Black lives matter.
No human is ever inferior. 

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