Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This is for us, The Fitbloggers (Fitbloggin 15 Recap)

Fitbloggin 2015 was in Denver this year.
This was my 5th year going.
I'll try to make this short and sweet.

Welcome Mixer: The hugs and selfies started early with the Welcome Mixer (sushi samplers for the food! yum!) which always make me teary eyed. It was wonderful to see some of my friends and to meet the newbies. Susan Ito led a few "ice breaker events which really got the Fitbloggin mood going.

The Bootcamp: Fitbloggin always starts off with a boot camp hosted my Erin Shirey of Dig Deep Play Hard. A little ball of energy, Erin focuses on workouts you can do using just your body (and perhaps some stretchy strength training tubes) and keeping your heart pumping. This is a workout that leaves you exhausted but in a good way.

Bacon: The bacon was satisfactory. This is important shit.

The Zumba: A Fitbloggin tradition this year's Zumba was lead by Nellie with Brooklyn Active Mama and features Margo with She's Nacho Mama, Tasha with Hip Healthy Chick, and Diana with The Chic Life. A sweat fest dance party - this workout was awesome! Plenty of hip movement and booty shaking.
Soybu Fashion Show

Soybu Fashion Show: I was in it this year. Loved the clothes!

Ignite: I wasn't able to attend any sessions on Friday because I was so busy with other items, but the Ignite Fitness talks were amazing! From challenging the idea of "The Mondays", to stair racing, to how to use a pressure cooker - all the speeches were enlightening and very well done. I always love the Ignite. Great job Kia Ruiz for organizing! From now on, when I'm scared - I'll think of pizza.

Flash Mob: This year's flash mob was planned during my ignite speech and hilariously danced to "You Need a Montage" from Team America:World Police. Mad props to Margo with Shes Nacho Mama to organizing and Terry Cabeen for actin' a fool.

Poetry: I wrote a poem for Fitbloggin and  read it as a tribute to Roni for all her efforts and for her last "official" Fitbloggin. I've posted it below.

Glider Yoga (with SweatPink): I'll admit that I was a bit too tired for this type of yoga in the morning and ended up just kind of doing my own thing in the back. I prefer yoga that stretches and relaxes, this seemed more like pilates.

a lesson I need to learn
Mind Games: The first session I went to was Mind Games: Depression, Anxiety and Healthy Living, led by Steph Oxenford and Elizabeth Paul and in a few short words, what I'll say is this was very needed for me. This year had some personal things that came about in my family and to be able to discussion with people who knew and understood the issues helped greatly. It was a supportive atmosphere that left me feeling like I had a safety net.

Eat, Move, Love: Second session was Eat, Move, Love: Finding Yourself Without Losing Your Mind, led by Dacia Root,Thea Rudland and Heather Hurd and this was much more of an open forum to discuss our own personal journey and issues with weight loss, fitness, etc. Lots of personal stories were passed around and basically we all agreed how having goals/ambition also needs to be balanced with being present and not pushing too hard.

Fat Shaming: The last session I attended was Finding the Medium Between XS and XL: Exploring the Controversy Between Fat and Skinny Shaming, led byJackelyn Ho with panelists Carla BirnbergKia M. RuizSarah Bramblette, and Martha Koeske. This session was really great (disclaimer: I had to leave it early) but I had hoped there would be more discussion on our own prejudices and how to react to others when we see fat shaming. Instead it turned into lots of "stories" which I didn't mind, but had wished we could have walked away with more "how to."

Scavenger Hunt: Something I organized this year and I felt was a great success.  13 teams started and 7 participated fully.  In the end one team won free tickets to Fitbloggin next year! Woohoo!
Dubya as Vanna

Kurios: Dubya, myself and Sarah missed the Saturday night social event (lip sync battle!) cause we had tickets to Kurios. An amazing Cirque Du Soleil performance! My face hurt so much from smiling. It was totally worth the ticket price.

Social Time: Lunches with friends, late-night drinking and Cards Against Humanity... even this extrovert is recovering from the massive amount of talking and socializing. I lost my voice by Sunday and on Monday was glad I took the day off to sleep for 14 hours straight.

The 5K: Also a tradition. Running/Walking in downtown Denver was phenomenal. The mountains, the city, and the companionship was lovely. It made for a great end to a great weekend.

The Holistic HangoverHangovers generally have a bad connotation... so why do I use that term here? It's because recovering from Fitbloggin is tough. Physically I'm still sore from all the workouts and yet I wished I had done more. Mentally I'm still processing all the conversations and information I've learned and yet wished I had done more. And Emotionally I hugged so many people and yet wished I had done more.

Dubya: The hubs attended with me this year. It was great to have a travel companion and he really enjoyed it - even so much so that he said he's in for next year. It was nice for my friends to meet him and vice versa. Dare I say it - they loved him more than me.

Fitbloggin always leaves me drained and invigorated each year. It's weird like that. 

A few themes I discovered this year: 
  • How hard it is to self-accept your weight and lose at the same time. 
  • How mental health is still a "bad word."
  • How everyone wishes they lived closer. 
  • How needed Fitbloggin is. 

This is for the Fitbloggers. 

This is for the up in the morning-ers.
for the "no sleeping late on Saturday-ers.
for the KT tape wearing, foam roll swearing, cant stay up late cause i'm running a race-ers.

This is for the watching my weight-ers.
the paleo, the whole30, wednesday weigh in weight watchers.
for the every cup measuring, one by one almond counting, just say no to that fucking donut will power-ers.

And my food instagrammers.
The perfect filter, rotate 90°, tilt shifterers.
The wait to take the first bite, I need more light, and dont forget to hashtag it foodporn-ers.

Don't forget about my yoga a dayers.
My peaceful crane pose, namaste bitchers.
The down ward dog loving, keep trying crow posing, yogini do or die-ers.

Oh and you cross fitters.
You over zealous clean and jerkers.
You "I love burpee", AMRAP trainee, kettlebell swinging, workout of the dayers.

Much love to my healthy at any sizers.
The I'm more than just a number motto speakers.
The fuck the magazines, I'll wear those skinny jeans, you wish you were this beautiful soul speakers.

This is for us, the fitbloggers
The health and fitness preachers.
The wordpress, blogspot, square space and self publishers.

The at least 500 words writing, link to post citing, hope I get picked up by Huffington Post-ers.
The latest trends and blog readers. The posting recipes of what we eat-ers. The I haven't written on my blog in a while eithers.
The holy shit I have way too many running sneakers.
The believers.
The achievers.
The out of this world inspirational leaders.
The motivation giving.
Heart on the internet living.
My tribe.
My squad.
My friends.
My teachers.

This is for us, the Fitbloggers.
We bare our souls on the computer.
We give our joys and sorrows to the future.
We're loud.
We're proud.
This is for me.
This is for you. 
This is for us, the Fitbloggers.


  1. This is a big virtual HUG for you, Christine. Because you're aaaaaaaahmazing! :)

    1. AW! Thanks Lena! You're AH-Maze-Zing as well!

  2. I wouldn't go as far as saying I loved Dubya more....let's just call it a draw ;)

    I am so thankful for you. I am not sure what else I can say. I am just lucky I get to call you friend :)

  3. I love this so much! Thanks for organizing the scavenger hunt, the CAH and being our resident beat poet. You are outstanding!

  4. I'll say it. I loved Dubya more. But STILL not as much as Hopdoddy.

    1. Hopdoddy
    2. Dubya
    3. You
    4. Clear Beer