Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Twas the Night Before Fitbloggin

Twas the night before Fitbloggin and all through the house
Not a blogger was sleeping, only the spouse.
The packing was done and sealed up with care.
In hope that Fitbloggin would soon be there.

The sneakers were packed, the ones without tread.
and the comfy yoga pants, polka dotted blue and red.
along with new blue jeans that came from The Gap
a size too big; but who gives a crap

I couldn’t sleep at all, my head was a clamor
I got up from bed with an uncaffeinated swagger
Booted up my slow computer in a flash
Hoping that the confounded thing would not crash

The screen lit up my face with a soft blue glow
Checking the Facebook feed as it began to flow
When all of a sudden I spotted something of cheer
A pic of eight people I see once a year

With a sweet smiling lady, an awesome healthy chick
I knew this Fitbloggin would be the shiz-nit.
I clicked on a video, and waited as it came.
Roni calling out each smiling face by name

“Now Erin! Now Jen! Now Alan and Carrie!
On Gail! On Brandi! On Bill and Gerri!
Pack all those giveaway bags, pack them all!
I’ll be right back I need to take this phone call!”

Fast the staff worked, away did they fly,
They worked all day from morning til nigh
Each one worked hard, they did through and through
They all knew the important jobs that they had to do.

The sponsors, the schedule, it all was living proof
All this conference greatness doesn’t happen by goof
This staff works tirelessly, so that we do not frown.
They should each be given a gold jeweled crown.

And Roni too, she does not pussyfoot.
If it were not for her it would be all be caput
They all work so hard to get sponsors to the max!
Planning all the details, including the snacks.

Roni's eyes how they twinkle, her hair - like a fairy.
I could tell she was stressed but still looked quite merry
Her face was all cheer, she was positively aglow.
The excitement extending from her head to her toe

Her grin was cheek to cheek with bright white teeth.
Not letting on the worry hidden underneath
All of this joy filled up my warm belly
But her awesome biceps made me quite jelly.

Her haircut so adorable, like a little elf.
I couldn’t wait to see her and hug her myself
And as I scrolled more and more through the Facebook thread
I gazed at all the comments and each of them I read

Each comment was sweet and the anticipation perked
I was so thankful and appreciative for all the hard work
And then my eyes drooped as I started to doze,
It was time to try to sleep again I suppose

So I shut down the computer and let out a soft giggle,
Back to bed I stumbled, in the covers with a wiggle
As I laid down, whispering to myself and turning out the light
“Happy Fitbloggin to all, and to all a good flight!