Monday, July 13, 2015

Qualities of a Self-Rescuing Princess

A few months back I had the wonderful opportunity to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon. It was magical and got me thinking about the princess culture.

There's a lot of grumbling that happens about raising our daughters in a "princess culture." Glitter and pink dresses and princes to the rescue - hating on the princess culture.

I disagree.  I see movies like Shrek, Brave, Star Wars, Mulan (to name a few) and I don't see that culture. I see young women or girls who are breaking "the mold" of the traditional princess. Challenging the norm,  not relying on some silly prince or stuck-up knight to save them. It got me thinking about women and how our culture is emerging from timidity-and-subservience to strong-and-confident...What are the qualities of a self-rescuing princess?  

She'd be kicking herself for getting into the situation is the first place.
She wouldn't blame someone else (the big mean dragon that holds her hostage.) She'd be reviewing her actions and wondering how these events came to be. How could she have possibly prevented them? Or, more importantly, how she'll learn from this experience and use this lesson on her next adventure.

She'd own her responsibility.
She has control of her own destiny. She wouldn't blame or push the accountability on some stupid prince or knight. No! She revels in this opportunity to act independently and make decisions without any authorization from anyone. She's in charge of her own actions.

She'd be a problem solver.
"How the hell do I get myself out of this?" would be her motto. She'd look around her high-tower or dark-cave and find the resources she needs to get herself out. She'd utilize previous experience and cunning to climb her way to freedom. She'd focus on getting out instead of lamenting on how she got in.

She'd like the challenge. 
Being a  princess can be boring. How will she ever learn if she doesn't have an adventure once and a while. So when faced with a challenge - while it seems difficult at the time - she's excited! She knows that on the other side of this situation she'll be smarter and stronger.

She'd choose people who support her in her quest. Not take it over. 
No princess is without a trusty sidekick! One who builds her up and supports her in her quest.  She'd get rid of the nay-sayers and Debbie-Downers and surrounded herself with those who bring value to her life. She chooses her friends wisely!

She'd do what is right.
She's seen her share of villains. She has seen injustice, suffering, and pain - she wants to rid the world of it. She fears the dark side and the temptation that it brings. This jedi-princess does not crave these things. She's kind, compassionate, and honorable. She holds true to her values and maintains integrity in all her actions.

She's a fighter.
There will always be a moment that our princess will be pushed down... knocked out... at the brink of destruction - and at this moment is when she shines. She fights for herself and others! She rises beyond the degradation and the strife. She doesn't give up. She doesn't give in. She fights to the bitter end.

In the end, our princess is better for her difficult life. Every day she faces challenges and she takes ownership of them. She has others who may be willing and able to take on her burden for her, but she refuses, cause she knows she'll never learn that way. With positive people at her side, the motivation to do her best, and the assurance that no matter what, it will all be okay...
Our princess rescues herself .