Thursday, September 10, 2015

The One Life Requirement

So maybe I'm a little late to the game and this is a topic that's been overly talked about but I felt I needed to chime in with "Deep Thoughts by DubyaWife" on this one.

Nicole Arbour

If you haven't heard (which is odd cause the internet is literally exploding right now) this YouTuber released a video called "Dear Fat People" that was comedic and satirical and also a big pile of poo. She attempts to be funny and make jokes about fat people but it comes out very "i'm skinny and hate you" and so the internet is all like BURN HER and she's all like "I'm not a witch, I'm not a witch." (That was a Monty Python reference for those of you who didn't get it, omg what are you doing with your life.) 

There's been plenty of responses, lots of you tubers calling her out. Articles stating facts on why "fat shaming" is a thing and it isn't helpful to fat shame... buncha opinions being thrown around and of course, society picking sides.

Here's the deal. Arbour is making a statement, albeit, one that's crude, insensitive, and probably just to gain followers and attention. What's funny is I actually usually like her videos cause her comedic timing is awesome, but this one... well it wasn't funny, it was just... petty. Opinions have been weighed (pun intended) on her twitter, Instagram, You Tube. She's getting "WTG, girl, I agree!" and "You bitch, kill yourself." comments... I'm really not that concerned about what she did, or how she's reacting... what I wanna know is... what is she thinking?

As a human on this fast spinning planet, I've made my fair share of missteps and done some things that I regret. Some of them I've publically apologized for, some of them I live with. Even right now there's some decisions, opinions, actions, that I've done (or failed to do) that I defend. But when someone comes along and calls me out on it "Hey, this kinda hurt my feelings..." Regardless of whether I feel that I'm right or wrong, there's always that self doubt. There's always a learning lesson.

Cause that's the true test of one's character. There's really only one requirement for each human and that's introspection. Not the ability to be immovably defiant, but the ability to self-check.

I really hope that's where Arbour is. Right now, I hope as she's gaining followers, watching her "internet" stardom advance as her name gets blasted through the social media waves... is there a moment of reflection... even in the slightest? Is she thinking "Maybe I was wrong"? She doesn't have to admit it. She doesn't even have to apologize. But she does have to think about it.

"Could I have been wrong?"

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