Tuesday, March 1, 2016

amigads i haz a blog?

Yeah Yeah.  So I know I haven't written in a while.
And yeah, I know that some will saying blogging is a dead thing.
But I still pay my $10 a year for this domain and on occasion the feels have to come out on the internet. So here goes.

What's up with DubyaWife? 

  • Ok, so since September I've been on a "keto" diet plan and completely obsessed with this bootcamp class I've been taking at LA Fitness. Check out the linkage, good stuff. 
  • I've gone from 220lbs to 203lbs and lost a 1/2" from my waist. 
  • I took a break from all of it during February cause I had my birthday, Mardi Gras and some work travel so I'm getting back into routine now, which is great. 
  • I'm not running as much as I used to but that happens when the weather is cold. Tri season is coming up and I suspect I'll be hitting the pavement soon enough. 
  • Still working. 
  • Still playing D&D.
  • Still liberal
  • Still mother of DubyaTeen. 
  • Still happily married to Dubya
  • Lost a very sweet, very loving member of our family - DubyaDog. She's very much missed. 
  • Still living my life unapologetically and enthusiastically. 
I'm hoping to throw out some more knowledge and more posts in the future. 

But in case I don't. 


  1. I have been struggling to blog lately too and you inspired me to get to it.