Monday, April 25, 2016


If you've ever watched an episode of Scrubs, or Grey's Anatomy or ER... Triage is a frequent word. 

And while the definition itself is mainly medical and refers to patients... humans. I use it fairly often in my planning. 

When the going gets tough in the Dubya house we will say this to another: 
"I've got this to do... and that to do... and I'm stressing out..."
"Focus on one thing at a time... Triage..."
It's almost said as a "snap-out-of-it-and-get-your-shit-handled" response, but it works.

Triage itself derives from Tri... or three and that's how it helps you plan. In a hospital setting you look for
  1. Those that are ill or injured but not life threatening. 
  2. Those that are ill or injured and life threatening. 
  3. Those that are terribly ill or injured that they aren't worth rescuing.  
Cold? Heartless? 
But necessary for the medical community to prioritize.

A doctor can't allocate their time on something someone that is less likely to be saved while there are others that can be saved. So they make the call. They focus their time where it is best needed. Where they can do the most good. This premise can be used in everyday life.

When you're in a rut...
When you're stressed out...
When you need direction...

Focus on triage
  1. What's the stuff that needs to be done but isn't priority or time-sensitive?
  2. What's the stuff that needs to be done but is priority or time-sensitive? 
  3. And what's the stuff that takes too much effort, too much time and isn't worth the investment? 

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